Waples offers many different ministries.  Sunday Classes for all ages, United Methodist Women, Stephen Ministries, Chancel Choir and many more.



Worship Every Sunday at 10:00 AM



9:00 am in the Fellowship Hall


Every Sunday at 5:00 - 7:00 pm


Monday - Thursday 8:30 am - 2:30 pm


Fellowship Sunday School Class -

Sunday Morning


The Fellowship class established 50 some years ago, is a group of friendly, caring and enthusiastic members of the Waples church family. With the guidance of rotating teachers John Streun and Tom Smith, the focus of our weekly study comes from the Cokesbury Adult Bible Study series. Besides the on-going Sunday School lessons and discussions, we enjoy contributing our time and talents to areas of Waples and our community. Volunteering to Project Transformation, contributing to fellowship and bereavement meals, writing caring notes to church members along with individual members being a part of the Patchers group, the Altar Guild, the ERT, the Worship Team, providing monthly inspirational hall displays and volunteering at Texoma Medical Center...this is a group that truly embraces all aspects of Waples Methodist and the needs of Denison.


The highlight of our year is our traditional Christmas Brunch where a potluck meal is enjoyed. This is also when we divide into groups to Christmas shop for families in need provided to us by the Lions Club. Please know that the door to the Fellowship Class is always open to anyone looking for spiritual growing and friendly people to enhance your life.

Genesis Sunday School Class -

Sunday Morning

The Genesis Class is made up of medium to mature aged members, both singles, and couples. Participants share reading and leading the class. A variety of studies are done throughout the year either from a book or video. With each Sunday there is great discussion and conversation. The Genesis Class is always looking for participation from members who desire spiritual growth and discipleship.

Kairos Sunday School Class -

Sunday Morning


Youth Sunday School Class -

Sunday Morning

Sunday School Class

(ages 7 through 5th grade)

Sunday Morning


Pre K Sunday School Class

(ages through 4)

Sunday Morning



Stephen Ministries -

Once Monthly



Waples Choir

Interested in joining the Waples Choir? Practice every Wednesday at 6:30 pm in the choir room here at Waples.


The Tinka Bells (Hand Bells)

Interested in playing hand bells? Bell practice is every Wednesday at 5:30 pm in the bell room here at Waples.


Alter Guild

The Alter Guild is a small group of volunteer "Angels" who meet every Tuesday at 9:00 AM, who diligently seek to serve God & serve Waples by cleaning, straightening up and resetting the Sanctuary for the following Sunday service.

Early Response Team

The mission of the Early Response Team is to bring a Christian presence in a time of disaster. Waples UMC ERT was created a few years ago and has as many as 30 on the team. The team also have a fully equipped trailer ready at any moment for a call out. If you would like to be a part of this amazing outreach, please contact the church office.

One + One Reading

Waples UMC has partnered with Terrell Elementary School to read one on one with the students. Every Tuesday, members of the congregation go to the school to read but they also form a wonderful relationship with the students and teachers.

Mission Statement

"To gather as God's people, to grow in faith, love and service, and to go into the world to make disciples of Jesus Christ."


Hence our motto: Gather, Grow, & Go!

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