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Adult Ministry

Adult Sunday School Classes

Sunday School Classes meet on Sunday Morning’s at 10am. We ask that class participants continue to observe COVID safe practices and social distancing in the classroom. For more information on any of our Adult or Children’s classes contact our Director of Family Ministries Nicole Reed at



The Genesis Class is made up of medium to mature aged members, both singles, and couples. Participants share reading and leading the class. This class dives deep into the Word of God through a variety of studies utilizing books and video resources. The heart of this class is to dig into the Word together to discover the depths of God’s character. With each Sunday there is great discussion and conversation. The Genesis Class is always looking for participation from members who desire spiritual growth and discipleship. For more information on this class contact Ellen Walker at


The Fellowship Class established 50 some years ago, is a group of friendly, caring and enthusiastic members of the Waples church family. With the guidance of rotating teachers John Streun and  Dee Dow, the focus of our weekly study comes from the Cokesbury Adult Bible Study series. This class can often be found serving Waples and the Denison Community in a variety of ways. Please know that the door to the Fellowship Class is always open to anyone looking for spiritual growing and friendly people to enhance your life. For more information about this class contact John Streun at


Good Shepherd  

The Good Shepherd class is led by Ronnie Cole. This class will be following the lectionary and discussing practical applications for each week’s scripture. For more information on this class contact Ronnie Cole at



The Kairos Class is made up of adults in their 30s and 40s. This class is a discussion based format where class members rotate facilitating the discussion. 

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